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Power Networks CDT


A list of the staff and students that make up the Power Networks CDT.


  • Ruth Wood - Senior Lecturer in Environment and Climate Change



Current students on the Power Networks programme are listed alongside their thesis titles below:

Students and thesis titles

  • Mahmoud Alhalaby - Alternative structures for OHL transmission towers
  • Josep Bernat Bereguer - Enabling the secure interconnection of power systems
  • Charlotte Brown - An assessment of the spatial variation in the risk of overheating in homes
  • Claire Brown - Heating and cooling demand effects on power networks in a changing climate
  • Simon Bullock - Power networks for the future of aviation and shipping
  • Philippa Calver - The impact of managing electricity consumption on consumers
  • Timothy Capper - Blockchain-based electricity trading for power networks
  • Joseph Chambers - Exploring the consequences of internet of things devices for informal infrastructures of the global south
  • Youhong Chen - Analysing controller and device interactions in complex mixed AC/DC network
  • Niall Coogan - Strategy and sequencing in resource acquisition: performance differentials in renewable energy generators.
  • Ami Crowther - Electrifying the city from below: towards distributed energy governance
  • Yitian Dai - Identifying and modelling critical infrastructure network independencies of AC/DC system
  • Timna Denwood - Re-framing environmental impact analysis for power infrastructure using GIS
  • Christian Emenike - Implementation of efficient big data analysis techniques to develop intelligent energy networks
  • John Fradley - Control and stability of future power systems with up to 100% renewable generation
  • Christoph Hachmann - Power generation from large-scale tidal stream turbine arrays
  • Mingyu Han - Managing electrical power loses in railway networks
  • James Hill - Thermal capacity of distribution transformers affected by the impact of low carbon technologies
  • Sam Jackson - Smart insulators: embedded sensor technology and self-powered communications
  • Basit Jafri - Resilience assessment and adaptation of critical infrastructures to extreme weather and natural hazards
  • Majd Jayyousi - Electricity access, micro-energy storage and human wellbeing in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Barry Johnston - The dynamics and future-proofing of heat network governance
  • Chloe Jones - Online stability analysis of power system networks with renewable source of energy
  • Melake Kuflom - Transmission network protection, control and automation for non-deterministic system planning
  • Chouhon Leong - Planning for electric grid infrastructure: policy and governance
  • Andrew Little - Carbon emissions from a power system with high-penetration of spatially distributed renewables
  • Gaoyuan Liu - Advanced protection and control of future power systems to avoid blackouts
  • Sebastian Long - Generalised modelling framework for multi-energy systems with model predictive control applications
  • Angeliki Loukatou - Optimal storage, smoothing and trading of wind power: assessment of performance achievements so far and the value of future performance improvements
  • Alexandros Mannari - Quantifying system level investments for large scale PV integration in the UK electric power system
  • Harry McDonald - Initiation of electrical trees from planar surfaces
  • Matthias Noebels - To be discussed
  • Idowu Oyebanjo - An assessment of the impact of distributed generation on directional overcurrent protection n distribution networks.
  • Mahmood Parsi - Fault location on transmission feeders using travelling waves, transients and power frequency signals
  • Karolis Petruskevicius - Economic optimisation of energy use and energy storage and its influence on power networks
  • Stephen Potts - IEC61850 configuration management methodology
  • Caitlin Robinson - The geographies of vulnerability to fuel poverty: a spatially-orientated analysis of neighbourhoods in England.
  • Matt Sanderson - Learning from public engagement in multiple sectors to help plan power infrastructure
  • Ilias School - Security and reliability studies for smart power networks
  • Michael Taylor - Optimal coordination of large-scale multi-energy systems using distributed control architecture
  • Vasileios Tsormpatzoudis - Energy storage lifetime management
  • Edward Uduji - Smart urban networks (SUN): unlocking capacity for low carbon technology in the electrical energy network
  • Ting Wu - Performance modelling and decision analysis of decentralised energy systems and their impact assessment
  • Zong Yan - Investigation of alternative paper ageing indicators for power transformers
  • Vasco Zeferina - The cooling demand of office buildings and the potential effects on power networks due to the impacts of climate change