Doctorial Training in Power Networks

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The ESPRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Power Networks combines the knowledge expertise at the University with that of industrial partners across the energy supply spectrum. Undertaking your PhD with us will see you develop a specialist research interest while also gaining a crucial insight into the importance of Power Networks as a whole.

Low carbon transformation of power networks can only be achieved through the provision of highly trained engineers, natural and physical scientists, planners, economists, academics and regulators with the skills to engage in the research that will drive innovation and prosperity.

Undertaking your PhD studies through the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Power Networks will enable you to develop a specialist research interest, whilst gaining a holistic view of the criticality of Power Networks through working with a multi-disciplinary group of fellow students.

This multi-disciplinary training environment will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills for a career at the leading edge of Power Network research, design development and management, and help transform and deliver our future energy provisions.

With support from twelve industrial supporters, students enrolled in the Centre will have multiple opportunities to interact with leading companies in the energy sector and to undertake personal development training activities required to support a future career in this sector.

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