Undergraduate internships

A number of Undergraduate Internships, working alongside one of the research teams in the Centre, are available over the summer vacation for undergraduates who would like to explore the option of studying for a PhD in Power Networks.

The Centre is keen to give Undergraduate students from any UK university the opportunity to experience the work of the Centre and their interest in pursuing a PhD in the Power Networks field.

Internships will take place during the summer vacation for 6 - 8 weeks and will attract a stipend of £250 per week. Interns will be placed with one of the research teams associated in the centre or one of our industrial partners to undertake a short project aligned to the research area.

Internships are open to Undergraduate students in any year of study but preference will be given to those about to enter their final year of studies in the summer the internship takes place. Internships within the CDT in Power Networks are targeted at students who have the potential to go on to take a PhD and you should therefore be on track to obtain a First or very good Upper Second in your undergraduate degree.

If you are interested in applying for an internship please contact power-networks-cdt@manchester.ac.uk, outlining your reasons for wanting to undertake an internship and including a CV detailing your module marks as evidence of progress towards your degree.

Composite cross-arm
Testing the novel composite cross-arm - "the first major improvement in line configuration for decades and is a world leading concept" - Nick Winser, Executive Director of the National Grid.

Did you know?

Energy networks directly employ over 28,000 people in Great Britain and skill changes will require 11,000 new recruits by 2022.

Studying at The University of Manchester.

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