An opportunity to combine PhD studies with a broad based interdisciplinary training that will ensure you have a system wide understanding of Power Networks. Funding is available for UK and qualifying EU students for a 4-year programme.

Students joining The Centre will enrol on a fully funded, including a £17,500 per year stipend, 4-year programme.

During the first 9 months you will follow a structured taught programme to ensure you develop a broad understanding of Power Networks and their context in the wider UK energy sector.

The Centre is particularly keen to encourage students whose first degree is not directly related to the area of study for their PhD to be able to convert to their field of choice by providing conversion activities within the taught programme. This will enable students from disciplines such as Physics or Mathematics to study for a PhD in engineering disciplines or those from Geography, Social Sciences or Business Studies to study for a PhD in planning and the financial disciplines related to Power Networks.

Composite cross-arm
Installing the novel composite cross-arm - "the first major improvement in line configuration for decades and is a world leading concept" - Nick Winser, Executive Director of the National Grid.

Towards the end of the taught programme period you will conduct a detailed literature review on your research topic. This will enable you to transfer smoothly to your research studies.

During the research phase of your studies you will receive direct supervision from a main and a co-supervisor and independent support from an advisor.

During this phase you will also be encouraged to continue to expand your knowledge in a broad range of topics related to your research including: economics, management and the design and operation of power networks including issues related to technology, finance and society.

Did you know?

The European Climate Foundation estimate that the investment required in the European power systems is €50bn per year every year to 2050.

IEEE PES International Conference and Exhibition on "Innovative Smart Grid Technologies".

Download PDF: A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Europe

European Climate Foundation Roadmap 2050

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